8 Reasons Carbon Fiber is Preferred Over Other Metal Choices

Carbon fiber engineering is becoming increasingly popular understandably. The fiber can be made much more flexible than other steels or metals and is an excellent choice for a variety of projects. Manufacturing is a large market for the United States with over 56% of exports being manufactured, totaling over one trillion dollars in manufactured goods. Carbon fiber engineering is one of these manufactured goods which is quickly gaining popularity probably for the reasons listed below. Read below to see why carbon fiber is a better option over steel or other metals.


Carbon fiber is an incredibly light material. It has an incredibly low density, but it’s strength is incredibly strong when compared with its density. This means that carbon fiber engineering produces a material that is tough but does not get bogged down the same way that metal like steel and aluminum do. This makes it a perfect choice automobiles, bikes and airliners.


Carbon fiber has proven a number of times that it can withstand high-tensile testing for strength. This makes it one of the strongest reinforced fibers in use. Strength is coupled with light weight material making this carbon fiber design a great choice when strength is needed.

Ease of Cutting

Since this fiber is so low in density its possible for for a carbon fiber project to be completed with CNC machines or manual tools for cutting. Since carbon fiber engineering deals with fibers the material is easily manipulated. This means more things can be cut with the ease of tools when compared to other denser and heavier metals.


Carbon fiber manufacturing allows carbon fiber product designs to be produced with ease. Joining a carbon fiber product to another carbon fiber product is easier than welding. Due to the fibers gluing is the most popular method used to seal and join carbon fibers together. Reinforcing rivets and inserts are applied if extra hold is necessary.


When evaluating the cost of a project many are happy to see the results that carbon fiber engineering have on the total budget. This material helps keep project costs as low as possible while performing superbly for the job. It is cheaper than other metals and many tools needed to work with it are less expensive.

Resists Corrosion

Since the fibers are joined together they are naturally resistant to the oxidization process. This means that many of the chemicals that cause other metals to erode, rust and corrode don’t affect carbon fibers. This can be perfect for those who are using the material near water or where the threat of corrosion of certain metals remains incredibly high.

No Heat Expansion

When deciding on a material to build your project, you must consider the weather and all the aspects that pertain to it including wind, cold and heat. Some metals expand when the heat gets to them and this can cause significant problems for a number of reasons. Carbon fiber has such a low heat expansion that joints and joining frames won’t be affected by the heat. This makes it an excellent choice when low heat expansion is crucial for optimum performance of the tool.


Sometimes we find ourselves in a position where common metals are just too loud and they make too much noise. If sound reduction is on your list of wants, the carbon fiber engineering should be top on your list. Carbon fiber absorbs sound waves unlike its competitors of metal and steel. This means if sound reduction is a benefit, you should look past normal options and expand your options to carbon fiber.

As you can see carbon fibers are beneficial for a number of reasons which makes sense no matter what project you’re working on. This metal is becoming so popular that more and more people may see it in use for things in the bicycle field, automobile field and aircraft field. Technology is continuing to advance every day and carbon fiber engineering is one of those advancements that holds promise for the future.

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