8 Creative Uses for Used 40 Foot Shipping Containers

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As you’re reading this sentence, there are around 20 million shipping containers crossing the world. Shipping is big business. So big that roughly 90% of the world’s trade is accounted for by shipping. It accounts for more GDP than restaurants, takeaway food, and civil engineering combined in the United Kingdom. With so much shipping and so many shipping containers in the world, one might get to thinking these behemoth, 40 foot shipping containers could be used for more than just shipping.

And you’d be right! Check out these eight unique and creative ways to use steel shipping containers:

  1. Build a retreat

    Beach retreats built from shipping containers have become a new hot commodity. It makes perfect sense why when you think about it. Shipping containers were built to withstand the harshest weather conditions the ocean could throw at them. Nothing can protect your home from hurricanes and severe storms like 40 foot shipping containers. If you’re worried 40 foot shipping containers will mar the appearance of your home, don’t be. You can easily customize your shipping container with paint or drawings.
  2. Build a new office

    People have make entire studios out of 40 foot shipping containers. You could combine two 40 foot shipping containers to make a tidy 840 square foot space for you to work in. Portable office containers are also a popular item. Shipping containers are by nature portable, making them a fun way to set up a roving office. Get creative with your shipping container space by opening it up to the outside. Research has found that workers in open offices get sick 62% less than those in closed offices.
  3. Build a school

    Not just for working professionals, 40 foot shipping containers can be used to create an entire school for a very reasonable price. Cut windows in their sides. Stack them or lay them side-by-side. Whatever layout design you choose, you’ll be able to rest assured your children are well-protected from storms of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Build new furniture

    What do offices and schools have in common? The need for sturdy tables and chairs. What better way to fill your shipping container office than with tables and chairs made from 40 foot shipping containers?
  5. Build a container pop up shop

    What’s a container pop up shop, you ask? It’s the perfect, customized, portable means of bringing your business to your customers. Think of them as the shipping container version of food trucks. In fact, you could make your food truck into a container pop up shop with some handy 40 foot shipping containers. If 40 foot shipping containers sound too large, buy a 20 foot shipping container instead. Either way, it’ll be fun to stylize your container pop up shop with sliding doors and fold out seating areas.
  6. Build a swimming pool

    Wait a minute: Fill a container specifically designed to keep water out with water? Yes! Brilliant, right? You know 40 foot shipping containers are air and water-tight and all a pool needs to function is a container that won’t let the water out. Two and two makes… a swimming pool! With a quick clean and paint job, you can nestle your used shipping container in your back yard, paint it with foam insulation, fill it with water and create a very green swimming pool.
  7. Build a playhouse

    While we’re in your backyard, I bet a playhouse would fit perfectly over in that corner. And wouldn’t your kids just love their own play house? Anything that can keep your kids engaged outside and contained is a good thing, right? How about buying one or two 40 foot shipping containers and creating an indestructible playhouse? Others have done it.
  8. Build a playground

    Okay, maybe a playhouse is too much. How about a playground? Kids love unique and creative playground constructions. And adults love playgrounds that are sturdy, indestructible, and won’t give their kids splinters. You know what that means: a playground made from used 40 foot shipping containers.

What are you waiting for? You can buy used shipping containers online or through local shipping companies. Storage companies may even have used steel storage containers for sale, which may be able to meet your needs just as well.


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