5 Ways to Remember Someone You Love

Keepsakes for ashes

Making decisions about what to do with your remains or those of a loved one can be really hard. No one like saying goodbye to someone they love. The good news is that there are more and more options to use this an opportunity to celebrate the person and their life while showing how much they meant to you and the people in their lives. Cremation has been an accepted way to deal with this for centuries. During the Roman Empire, people developed elaborate urns that could be displayed privately or publicly. In recent decades, the number of people who select cremation has jumped by about 20%, which could be due to an increase in affordable cremation urns.

Ideas to Celebrate Someone You Love

  1. Scatter their ashes. Many people chose to get scattering urns and put the ashes over a place that had a special spot in the person?s heart. If you do want to do this, you should check with local and state officials to see what rules they have for this. If you are looking at a national park, there may be federal rules or regulations that you need to adhere to.
  2. Make jewelry or other keepsakes. Cremation jewelry has been around for a long time. Often people associated it with the Victorian Era, which is when it became really popular because new methods to produce it made it more accessible more people. Some people take the ashes and put them in an hour glass or mold them to make diamonds, cremation necklaces or pendants and other keepsakes. These make for very unique sympathy gifts.
  3. Bury or display their ashes. Some people like to have a place to visit their loved ones after they pass. Affordable cremation urns come in every shape, size and style. They can then be housed at home or in a columbarium, where others can pay their respects.
  4. Send them to space. There are now companies that will send cremation urns for ashes into space. Some are sent out for a brief journey and then returned to the planet, while others are destined to spend eternity among the stars.
  5. Replenish the earth. For the environmentally conscious, there are several options such as biodegradable cremation urns. Americans put more than one million tons of non-biodegradable steel into the earth so this is a much better idea for the planet. You can also use ashes to create new coral reefs or plant as a memorial tree. Helping nature flourish can be a great way to promote a cause they cared about and extend their legacy. Affordable cremation urns are much better for the planet than traditional burials.

When making this hard decision, it is important to think about it as more of a celebration of the person and their legacy than anything else. You have options that will make remembering the person you love in a way that is as unique and special as they are to you.


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