4 Tips to Ensure Quality Shipping

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Shipping items can be a stressful process, especially if you are shipping items long distance, or are under a time crunch. There are many options for American cargo shipping, including options to transport cargo via land, such as with American cargo trailers, as well as cargo shipped via air and by water. Whether you choose to ship your items with American cargo trailers or you choose air or ocean options, there are tips you can follow to ensure a speedy, inexpensive, eco-friendly delivery that ensures the quality of your shipped product.

How to Ship Eco-friendly
With so many items being shipped daily, shipping can have quite the negative effect on the environment. One way to ensure that you are being environmentally friendly is to use more paper products rather than plastic packaging. Unlike plastic, paper can be recycled easily and re-used. To be even more environmentally friendly, you can use recycled boxes and bags. Aside from packaging, choosing more direct shipping options will decrease the time and stops, therefore saving on fuel emissions.

How to Ensure Speed of Delivery
When you’re under a time crunch, the speed of delivery is highly important. The best way to ensure an efficient delivery is to select point-to-point transportation, or door to door delivery. This option reduces the amount of traveling time by eliminating connections.

How to Keep Costs Down
Shipping costs can be somewhat expensive, especially if you are in a rush. However, there are many ways to keep the costs down. When most people think about air and ocean cargo, they assume that shipping costs were expensive. However, shipping cargo via air freight can actually be less costly than shipping with land options, such as with American cargo trailers. Insurance premium rates are usually lower when items are shipped via air freight, and the packaging and labor costs can be lowered because of the faster transportation times and better security.

How to Ensure Quality
While shipping eco-friendly, lowering shipping costs, and shipping efficiently are incredibly important, the most important aspect of shipping is ensuring the quality of the goods that you ship upon delivery. The best way to do this is to choose point-to-point delivery options when shipping, which decrease the amount of time the package spends en route. Shipping via air cargo also decreases the risk of damage due to the better security and faster transportation times.

What has been your experience with shipping via airfreight? What about shipping with the land and sea options? Can you offer any other tips to ensure a speedy delivery? What environmentally friendly products do you use to ship your items? Let us know in the comments!

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