4 Tips for Having Great Real Estate Signs

Many of those in the world of real estate know the importance of having quality signage. That being said, you might be making critical mistakes with your signs that are turning potential renters or buyers away. It’s important to understand tried and true signage tips within the real estate industry. Considering that, here are four critical tips for having the most success with your real estate signs.

  • Location is Crucial

    Being in the real estate business, you’ve likely heard this tip numerous times. That being said, it’s important to place this same emphasis on custom real estate signs. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that your signs are placed in areas where drivers can easily see the information. Consider test driving down the path where your sign will be. Statistics show that a properly placed sign exposes consumers to a brand nearly 50 to 60 times each month. Considering that, it’s important to drive by your sign after placing it in the ground. This is a great way to ensure that anyone driving by is able to clearly see the information posted. Another great idea to is to buy sandwich boards, allowing you place information on both sides of your sign.
  • Building Your Brand

    If you’re wanting to build a good reputation in your town or country, it’s important to not ignore the value of branding. In certain situations, buyers might prefer to work with a real estate company that is well known. You can grow your brand by ensuring that your name or company is prominently displayed on these signs. However, you don’t only have to build your brand with what is on your sign. For instance, you might buy sandwich boards in order to set your real estate brand apart from the rest.
  • Clarify Type of Property

    After passersby see your sign, they’re going to want to find out if it’s for sale or rent. It’s important to have this information made prominent on your custom real estate signs. In turn, this helps to quickly ensure that the right buyers are contacting you. After all, you wouldn’t want to have buyers contact you about purchasing a rental home and vice versa.
  • Include What Makes Property Stand Out

    Statistics show that 50% of those entering a business did this because of the company’s signage. It’s important to think of your properties as businesses. The goal of a business is to attract customers. Likewise, you want to attract either buyers or sellers. Another set of statistics found that the value of having signage at a site is equal in value to 24 full page ads in a newspaper. This means you’ll want to ensure that the distinct qualities of your properties are mentioned in these signs.

In closing, it’s important to ensure that your properties stand out from what your competitors are offering. You’ll find this goal is much easier to accomplish by having great custom real estate signs. Whether you’re renting or selling, it’s important to utilize effective signage. These signs inform the public that your properties are available. Whether you buy sandwich boards or other types of yard signs, these items are essential ways to reach potential buyers and renters.

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