4 Important Signs of Drive Motor Failure

Final drive motors help ensure that many types of construction equipment work properly. These motors are found inside of excavators, loaders, and many other types of construction vehicles. Experts estimate that the construction equipment industry will grow by 12% from 2016 to 2026. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your drive motors remain in optimal condition. Neglecting to do this could cause your construction company in terms of both worker safety and repair costs. With that in mind, here’s how to tell when four drive motor components need replacing.

  1. Gear Teeth

    It’s always important to check the gears on final drive motors. You’ll want to look for gear teeth that remain flat. Over time, this can change. As these gears continue to work, teeth tips gradually wear down. Eventually, gear teeth will start to become more pointed. If you notice pointed gear teeth, you’ll want to this part replaced quickly.
  2. Bearings

    Final drive motors are made up of main bearings. These are essential components of any final drive motor. Considering that, it’s incredibly important to replace main bearings at the first sign of trouble. If left untreated, main bearing problems often cause final drive motors to completely stop working. Signs of bad bearings include vibrations and noises that sound out of place. Another sign of main bearing failure occurs when the motor’s gearbox reaches dangerously high temperatures. Fortunately, ordering new bearings will ensure that these problems subside.
  3. Weakened Charge Pump

    Charge pumps ensure that the internal brake of a drive motor works properly. This occurs when the charge pump provides pressure to release this brake. If a charge pump isn’t able to release the brake, this can cause a lot of damage to your equipment. Operating machinery with a weak charge pump is akin to driving with your emergency brake lever shifted upwards.
  4. Damaged Seals

    Throughout every drive motor, there are seals in place to hold fluid. As previously mentioned, drive motors help power excavators. These machines sometimes need to reach digging depths of 32 feet. This type of work can quicken how fast seals wear down. Many people find out about seal damage once they’re changing equipment oil or hydraulic fluid. It’s important to note that all final drive gear oil needs to be replaced at least once per year. The main indicator of a damaged seal will be the presence of leaking liquid throughout your motors.

To summarize, there are several signs that your driver motors are failing. These motors ensure that many pieces of construction equipment work properly. Therefore, it’s an understandably stressful situation when these motors begin to fail. If you’re needing final drive motors for a wide range of equipment, consider finding an online supplier. This helps to ensure you can find everything from Bobcat to Komatsu final drive travel motors.

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