3 Wise Reasons to Utilize TMS Systems

Throughout the world, there is an astounding amount of vehicles and vessels transporting goods. In fact, research shows that almost 12 million trucks, locomotives, rail cars, and vessels transport goods throughout a worldwide network. Considering that, it’s wise to have broker TMS on your side. With that in mind, here are three benefits of using transportation broker software.

  • Real Time Vehicle Monitoring

    While you don’t want to think about it, every transportation manager must be aware of cargo theft. Unfortunately, research gathered from the first three quarters of 2016 found that 615 recorded cargo theft incidents took place during this time. A single theft can cost your business large amounts of money. Making matters worse, research from the United States Department of Transportation found that the value of freight is expected to reach $1,377 per ton by the year 2040. Fortunately, transportation management software allows you to monitor all of your vehicles in real time. In turn, you’re able to remain informed the moment any types of theft take place.
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service

    An important aspect of managing a successful business is keeping customers satisfied. As a transportation company owner, this is a difficult goal to achieve without knowing where your shipments are. However, you won’t have to deal with this problem while utilizing freight management software. By being able to know exactly where shipments are, you can relay this same information to your customers.
  • Having an Easier Time Staying Organized

    Transportation company owners typically have a lot of information to keep up with. This often leads to a mess of notes scattered throughout your office. However, managing large amounts of data doesn’t have to be this difficult. You’ll find that using broker TMS allows you to have a much easier time keeping track of important business data. Transportation company managers use this type of software to track everything from driver’s locations to warehouse inventory levels.

In closing, there are several benefits of utilizing transportation broker software. Throughout the course of a typical day, transportation company owners have a lot of work to complete. If you’re wanting to have an easier time managing your important business, it’s wise to start using the right software. Fortunately, transportation management software can help you in many different ways.

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