3 Ways to Ensure Your Severe Duty Equipment Is Reliable

Oilfield equipment

Industrial processes such as oil drilling are an important part of the American economy and lifestyle, which means that it’s vital your equipment is in top shape when you’re working in these fields. But how can you do that? Here are some ways to ensure the reliability of equipment:

  1. Do Your Buying Research

    When it comes to buying expensive equipment that will endure quite a bit of stress (drilling rig systems, mud systems, production rigs, etc.), it’s absolutely vital to buy top-quality products. Find an industrial equipment manufacturer with a rigorous internal quality control process, as well as an excellent track record and reviews from other companies. It’s also a good idea to buy from a company who values customer service and offers ongoing support, in case something does go wrong. Whatever you do, don’t buy an inferior product; it’s better to purchase a used rig in good condition from a reputable company than it is to try one from a brand you’ve never even heard of.

  2. Use Properly

    When a cheap chair’s instruction manual says its maximum load is 150 pounds and you’re 160 pounds, it might be worth trying it out to save a few bucks. But when it comes to industrial processes, it’s never worth the risk of using the wrong tools for the job. Always make sure that your equipment severe duty engineered, and never try to push your equipment past what it is rated for. Any marginal gains in production will be offset by the breakage of expensive equipment and the potential hazard that is created.

  3. Invest in Maintenance

    Go beyond the minimum in maintenance, inspecting regularly and catching problems before they become safety hazards or cause catastrophic breakdowns. Remember, it’s almost always cheaper in the long run to pay a little up front for preventive maintenance than it is to repair or replace a broken machine.

Do you have any other tips for improving the safety and reliability of equipment used in heavy and severe duty processes? Share your expertise with other readers in the comments section.

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