3 Things to Look for in Office Space

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As the owner of a company, it is up to you to find a suitable place to operate, which means that there are many things to take into account. While an office space rental agency can help you find a place to operate, they can’t tell you what will be best for your business. Office leases are flexible, meaning that whether you look for something with a one year lease or a ten year lease, you can find something that fits you. Check out some of the things you should be looking for while working with an office space rental agency to find your new home.


This seems like a strange thing to look for in office space to rent, but it affects employees! Being locked up in an office isn’t generally fun for most people, but imagine being locked in somewhere with no windows for eight hours a day and still being expected to get things done. It’s simply not ideal for productivity. Look for a place with at least a few windows in each room!

Social Spaces

Your employees need a place in the office to socialize between their tasks. It helps employee morale, and can benefit their collaborative projects. The five most important things in an office, according to a survey of American office workers, are social space, comfortable heating and cooling, proximity to food and drinks, quality furniture, and quality of coffee. Employees simply want a place where they can take well-earned breaks throughout their day.

Office Design

One of the most important things when you are trying to find office space for rent is how the office is designed. The layout can have a significant impact on employee morale and how your team works together. For example, a business that expects a large amount of collaboration wouldn’t be looking for offices with a lot of broken up parts that separate their team. Likewise, if your employees need quiet space to work independently, you probably don’t want to throw them in one large room together. Almost 90% of senior officials taking a national survey agreed that effective workplace design is essential to employee productivity.

What are you looking for in office spaces for rent? Are these points on your list already or will you be adding them? Did we miss anything? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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