3 Reasons to Get a Used Shipping Container

Almost all of the world’s cargo–95%–gets moved by ship at some point. This means a constant demand for storage containers. In fact, there are more than 17 million such steel shipping containers roaming the earth even now, though only five million of those are currently being used actively in shipping goods. That means there are a lot of these containers sitting around unused, and many good reasons to buy used shipping containers.

Easy to Get

This depends a bit on where you live, but for a lot of people, it’s easy to buy used shipping containers and have them transported wherever you need them. You can usually have this done quite cheaply, too, since utilizing storage containers means reusing 3,500kg of steel that would otherwise cost money to recycle.

Not only are you saving money by reusing an already crafted container, but if you use the container instead of traditional building materials, you’re also saving on the use of bricks, wood, and mortar.

Simple to Find

Not all containers are made the same, and you want ones designed from the ground up to withstand rusting and bad weather. That being said, since most are crafted to live through life at sea, it’s not too hard to find good ones. When you buy used shipping containers, look for ones that are made from quality steel. With care and regular maintenance, these can easily last 20 years or more.

Customizable Sizing

When you buy used shipping containers, you can choose from several lengths, heights, and widths. Most are eight feet wide and eight and a half feet tall. Some are 20 feet long and others 40 feet. If you want a custom size, you can get it easily. But if you’d rather have containers that can stack together easily, you can get that, too. There are lots of options when you buy used shipping containers.

Varying Features

One of the best things about using shipping containers for your storage needs or mobile office is the freedom to order them customized in any many different ways. They can have multiple doors, as many windows as you want, unique flooring, and they can be made to lock up so you can keep your important items safe.

There are also many ways to make your shipping container suitable for any kind of use. You can transform it into an office space with desks, connectivity solutions, and even meeting rooms. You can put in an HVAC system and make it climate controlled, or install shelving in a way that allows you to use the container for any type of storage.

There are many ways to use a good steel shipping container. Whatever your needs, there’s a good chance that you can fill it with a cost-effective, adaptable, and efficient shipping container. Look into providers near you and see what your options are!

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