3 Important Services Offered by Call Centers

A major part of connecting with your customer means always being there. Unfortunately, customers can have inquiries or concerns that don’t occur while employees are on the clock. During these situations, it’s important that customers are able to contact someone. Therefore, many companies utilize customer service call centers. However, these centers can benefit your company in more ways than one. In this post, you’ll learn the many ways businesses benefit from partnering with customer call centers.

Handling Customer Service Concerns

Every business owners want their companies to have lots of customers. That being said, this isn’t great if the customers are unhappy. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for every product or service to work well for a customer right away. In these situations, your company needs to utilize a customer service call center. Customer service call centers mainly handle inquiries or concerns from customers. Therefore, it’s important that a customer service call center is able to effectively handle the possibility of upset customers. In order to do this, it’s important to partner with a call center that shows empathy while being able to take care of a customer’s needs.

Selling Products and Services to Customers

It’s important to remember that phone calls remain a crucial part of any sales funnel. Estimates show that nearly $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced by calls customers place to businesses. In addition to customer service lines, companies typically utilize two types of sales centers. These are inbound and outbound sales call centers.

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales call centers typically take inbound from other businesses that serve as customers. Considering that, most of an inbound sales agents responsibilities are ensuring orders are properly placed into a system. In addition, these workers might also take calls relating to problems with orders. These issues can happen if an order was shipped incorrectly or it didn’t arrive on the specified delivery date. Customer service is an important aspect of this job in order to potentially deescalate upset callers. Statistics show that up to 70% of customer’s buying experiences are based on how they feel they’re being treated.

Outbound Sales

On the other hand, outbound sales call centers typically place calls to businesses or customers. However, outbound calls are typically made more in B2B environments. Therefore, this type of service also functions as a type of marketing call center instead of offering solely customer service. That being said, customer service is an important function of this job. Primarily, contact center workers will need sales skills in order to make the most of each outbound call. Many companies have outbound sales workers offering specials to customers based on their standing. This is often a great opportunity for a business to sell more items to these customers. In fact, statistics show that 94% of those in the United States would take advantage of an offer not typically given to the general public.

In closing, there are several important ways that a call center benefits your company. If you’re needing a dedicated department for customer concerns, partner with a customer service call center. It’s also important to consider immense sales opportunities offered through the phone. Therefore, you’ll also want to think about partnering with both inbound and outbound call center services. Combining these services ensures that you’re able to provide an outlet for both customers and business partners.


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