3 Ideas For Using Blank Mailing Labels

Blank mailing labels

Even in this digital age, traditional mail is valued. Indeed, 70% of Americans say that mail is more personal than the internet, 48% of people retain direct mail for future reference, and 98% of consumers bring their mail in everyday in anticipation of certain arrivals.

When mailing for a business or in bulk (for instance, appointment reminder postcards, veterinary reminder postcards), it is often necessary to have some supplies. Printing services, graphics, card stock, industrial paper cutters, and stamps all make the grade. One thing is particularly important: blank mailing labels. No matter what form of mail you are using, it is very important to have labels on which to print or write addresses, but what else are those labels good for? In the name of environmentalism and reducing waste, check out this list to find out what else you can use your blank mailing labels for:

Label all of your belonging
Put your personalized label on DVDs, CDs, books, computer accessories and more. This is also a good idea when labeling food containers at work or if you live with roommates. Also, it can help you keep your stored items much more organized. Label boxes of seasonal clothes in the attic or basement so you know which is which.

Label photos
Use blank mailing labels to write who is the pictures, when and where it was taken, and how old the person in the photo is. This will make future picture hunting and organization much easier.

Contest Entries
Print your name, phone number and address on your labels and use them to enter contests at fairs or trade shows — no more hand cramping from writing down your information so many times.

Use as gift tags
If you have a creative streak, you can decorate them with colored pencils and markers, but if you don’t, use stickers or print out pictures to make fun and beautiful personalized gift tags.

Name tags
Whether you are at a meeting, a seminar, or a party, name tags can help everyone get to know each other a little faster. Have guests or participants write their names on blank mailing labels and stick them to their shirts.

There are so many ways to use mailing label stickers — what are your favorite ways?

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