3 Considerations to Make Before Leasing a Warehouse

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Many businesses find that current storage solutions simply are not adequate. With that in mind, it’s common for business owners to begin finding a warehouse to rent. It’s important to ensure that you are renting a warehouse that meets any requirements set forth by your business. Statistics show that, since the year 2000, occupied warehouse space has seen an increase of 86.2%. Considering that, here are three important considerations to make before leasing a warehouse.

  1. Main Purpose of Warehouse

    A warehouse can be used for many reasons. In certain situations, a warehouse will need to have employees inside to complete various tasks. With that in mind, you’ll need to find a warehouse that has restrooms, ventilation, and other amenities. In addition, workers will need space to park their vehicles and safe walking paths for entering and exiting a warehouse. On the other hand, a warehouse solely used for storage might allow you to have a wider array of location options.
  2. How Often Warehouse Receives Materials

    In many cases, a business creates partnerships with other suppliers. It’s important to determine how many deliveries your business receives throughout the course of a typical month. If your warehouse will be expecting frequent deliveries, location becomes extremely important. Many business owners will look for warehouses near highways that make receiving deliveries easier.
  3. Determining Warehouse Space Needs

    One important aspect of leasing a warehouse is ensuring you have a property that is the right size. For instance, manufacturing warehouse space often needs to have a lot of room for machinery. You’ll want to find out if a warehouse will be leased for either a flat monthly cost or priced per square foot. It’s important to perform a simple calculation to help determine your square footage needs. To perform this calculation, simply multiply the square footage of a warehouse by the price per square foot.

In closing, there are several important considerations to make before leasing a warehouse. It’s important to determine if you will need workers in your warehouse rental. If so, you’ll need to find space with restrooms, a parking lot, and other amenities. It’s important to determine the frequency at which your warehouse will receive deliveries. Busier warehouses are often best to be located near highways or seaports. Finally, it’s essential to determine how much space you will need from a warehouse. Leasing a warehouse allows a business to expand while not having to outright purchase additional space.

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