3 Benefits of Utilizing Modular Buildings for Church Expansions

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Being in charge of a growing church is an exciting time for both you and your members. In fact, many churches with 10,000 or more members often decide to go multisite. It’s understandable to wonder what the best options are when seeking space for a church that is rapidly growing in terms of members. Many people seeking church buildings for sale are choosing to go with modular buildings. With that in mind, here are three benefits of utilizing modular buildings for church expansion.

  1. Wide Variety of Building Options

    You might feel concerned regarding if there are modular building types available to suit the needs of your specific church. Luckily, you’ll find that modular churches for sale can be made to accommodate a wide variety of building types. You can rest assured that businesses creating modular buildings for churches have likely completed projects similar to what you are seeking to obtain.
  2. Fast Delivery Times

    If you’re seeking to find a church for sale, you’ll want to know this process can sometimes take quite some time. However, modular buildings are built in a more controlled setting than construction taking place outdoors. In fact, modular construction is often completed 40% faster than on site building due to the reduction in both delays and weather related damage. Not only that, having site expansions completed quickly allows a church to hold more members in a short amount of time. Having space ready for new members helps to show your following that you’re working hard to accommodate each person.
  3. Lower Cost Than Traditional Construction Methods

    Permanent buildings often come with a wide variety of both hidden and continuous costs. These costs are often associated with expenses including repairs, cleaning, utility, and security services. Not only that, the sum of these expenses often totals up to nearly 30-40% of a church’s budget. With that in mind, it’s wise to choose building methods that are low in terms of costs. In many cases, modular construction reduces the cost of both labor and materials associated with constructing a building. The savings received by opting for modular construction can be used for other aspects of a rapidly growing church.

To summarize, there are several beneficial reasons to utilize modular buildings when seeking churches for sale. Modular buildings can be made in a wide variety of styles that seek to accommodate a wide variety of faiths. You’ll find that modular buildings are often completed much faster than traditional on site construction. The time you’ll save when utilizing modular buildings allows you to welcome each member of your growing church right away instead of having to deal with delays. It’s important to look at costs when seeking out churches for sale. Utilizing modular buildings helps to ensure you save money on both labor and material costs, making it a wise building option for any growing church.

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