Anyone who has attended a trade show in the past can confirm that the level of competition can be at times overwhelming. This is considering the fact that many sellers will be competing for a limited amount of attention. Fortunately, there are ways that you can overcome the madness that is often associated with trade shows through simple effective strategies before and during the trade fair. In order to turn your strategies into lead generation, you need to consider how you conduct pre-show marketing, staff training, preparation and guerrilla marketing techniques. For starters, your trade show display tower or booth design can be the game changer in terms of lead generation. So what are the key aspects of your booth design that can help you stand out?

Use Eye Catching Copy to Qualify Booth Traffic
The whole point of trade booth graphics is to boost sales and attract the right attendees to your booth. With this information in mind, you need to plan everything in advance for a successful sale. Starting with your display tower, make sure that the graphics at your booth are brief and bold. There are many items at your display booth where you can implement your graphics on. You can use graphics on display towers, fabric displays, pop up tents and on tabletop displays.

Be Brief and Straight to the Point on the Copy Message
Ideally, using brief and bold copy means something that people can understand within a few seconds. However, this concept is often misconstrued especially by smaller brands. If you are a brand that is not well known, just using the company’s name on the display tower or booth might not be enough to tell potential buyers what your brand is all about. Try creating a 6-word tagline that can be interpreted by the reader in less than 3 seconds. Don’t make the copy too abstract but keep it honest and simple. By communicating to potential buyers what your brand is all about on the display tower, attendees that will be drawn to your booth will be people who are actually interested in your product or brand.

Choose One Item that People Will Remember
For every business, there is always that one product that is the icing-on-the-cake for the business-the one thing that sells out every time. From a future perspective, think about what the customers will remember about your booth. Your top product should be the main highlight on the display tower. If you are a new business launching a new product, make sure that the product is the main highlight on your booth. You can create an adjustable banner stand and single out the top item in such a manner that it is not obscured among the rest of the items on display.

Using Digital Graphics is a Huge Plus
Depending on how they are used, digital graphics can be an amazing way of attracting people to your booth in a trade show. Your focus should primarily be to communicate the essential aspects of your brand. This can be done by displaying changing images on the display tower, the business logo and probably a video about the product in action. Having a number of on-screen display is a powerful marketing tool but try and focus on sending a strong message least you overwhelm the attended with onscreen graphics that are not easily understood.

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