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  • Creating Your Successful Online Business Plan

    The internet has changed a lot about business ownership. In the past, if you wanted to own a business, you had to rent a storefront and spend hours in the store, in case a customer came in. You could easily lose money spending so many hours there. If a customer missed you, they may not […]

  • How Many of the Purchases You Make Occur Online?

    How secure do you think your credit card payments and transactions are? In a time when the daily news frequently tells of the latest data breach, many consumers fear for the security of their accounts. Although all companies say that they offer secure payment systems, anytime a security breach occurs, more customers fear for their […]

  • Is Your Company Processing Its Credit Card Payments Quickly and Affordably?

    When you make the decision to start a new business you have many choices to make. The new owner of a small gift boutique, for example, decides on the inventory that the new business should carry. What should the price point be for that merchandise? How much showroom or floor space will you need? Will […]